Video 2:) Coconut oil Natures Way

I bought some new, more value efficient coconut oil from Whole Foods and decided to share:) All of you who go out and buy the expensive stuff are WASTING YOUR MONEY.! All you need is cold pressed, extra virign, unrefined coconut oil that contains NO hexane. That’s it. And you get all of that for 8 bucks.!:)Works wonders for your hair and skin. I promise you will LOVE it.!

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    6 thoughts on “Video 2:) Coconut oil Natures Way

    • Donvincy

      Can I use it as leave in conditioner? (possibly if I mix it with i.e. shea butter, jojoba oil) oir should I leave it till it gets good in the scalp and then rins. Any suggestions.

    • 23brittbrat23

      @Donvincy I think it depends on your preference. It works great if you use it as a leave in conditioner especially if you are planning on using heat appliances such as flat irons or blow driers. But if you already have oily hair you might not want to use it as a leave in since it is an oil and can make your hair a little greasy if you over do it. And coconut oil is kind of easy to over do so you have to be careful. I use it as a leave in and for deep conditioning. So my answer is yes to both of

    • 23brittbrat23

      @Donvincy your questions. It’s amazing as a leave in and it’s also amazing to leave in as a deep conditioner and then rinse. Coconut oil makes hair extremely soft and helps to stop breakage. I hope I helped.!:)

    • 23brittbrat23

      @Sparklez4u To answer your question, JBCO cannot penetrate the hair shaft because it is just simply way too viscous. But I’ve done some research on it because I always want to give my viewers the correct information and I’ve read that JBCO can really help in thickening the hair and adding incredible shine. I hope I helped.!

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