Virgin Coconut Oil by Natures Blessings

Natures Blessings is a USDA certified organic coconut plantation and processing plant in the Philippines. Our process retains the enzymes, lauric acid and all the other immune system building nutrients.

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    25 thoughts on “Virgin Coconut Oil by Natures Blessings

    • alexis11factor

      paanu kpag nand2 kami sa amerika? pede ba kami makabili nyan?
      wow!! ang galing n0h

    • kjmalone17

      We use Nutiva Brand, but the main things to look for are Raw, organic coconut oil. I’d check with a health professional/naturapathic DR. to confirm the correct age for a child, but personally I wouldn’t see a problem with it. Google “coconut oil health benefits” and you’ll find that the only other place the core ingredients in raw coconut oil are found in nature is mother’s breast milk.

    • rmsolympic1

      Being silly: I like the taste of it, just a teaspoonful though; it is like eating soft cocnutty ice. It’s like tasting the word clear with a coconut flavor. Is it safe to eat raw, straight out of the container?

    • Cancunvibe

      I wish I could get this in Cancun Mexico I always buy mine from ebay and have someone bring it down to me…..

      It works great

    • pocayama2

      I have seen how my mom extracted the oil from coconut in our humble kitchen, I think you can do it too 🙂

    • pocayama2

      I think they have online stores. especially the VCO brand. Kung wala po me way para makakuha ka ng oil form coconut na gagawin mo alng s aiyong Kitchen

    • mhan676389

      One of the best benefit i experience taking virgin coconut oil …sex libido was back and erectile disfunction gone due to my diabetes, i just wondering the amazing result…for 3 days taking 4 tablespoon a day you can feel the result, it is the best alternative for very expensive viagra ….the only side effect is your very active in sex…

    • brendandylanmaloney

      I heard it should be raw. I dont know if this product is raw, it probably isnt raw because they did not specify it being raw. Does anyone know how superior raw would be as opposed to heated ? It would probably make common sense to eat everything raw,doesnt heat kill and destroy enzymes,vitamins,minerals,etc….

    • NaturesB

      Virgin means pure , unadulterated. It is the 100% oil pressed from the coconut kernel.
      It is also considered a raw food since our processing is at 105F and below.

    • abcdfx123

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