15 thoughts on “Virgin Coconut Oil Health Benefits

  • Stratman II

    That is really the biggest tub of virgin coconut oil that I’ve seen, David
    – it’s like a tub of paint! Although coconut trees are aplenty here in
    Malaysia, we either have the food grade of coconut oil (not cold pressed)
    for cooking or the “health food” type, but ironically they are sold
    expensively in small bottles and certainly not in tubs like the one you
    have there. Due to our hot and humid climate, coconut oil doesn’t congeal
    unless it’s kept refrigerated. Joey doesn’t like it though! 🙁

  • gigi101060

    We use coconut oil in the kitchen, it can be heated more than other oils,
    others give up toxic material when getting very hot. The second oil I
    prefer is olive oil. But now I will use it also as a medicine. Thankyou for
    this video and sorry for my bad English, I could express it better.

  • Zeus & Phoebe's Cat Sanctuary

    That is only a gallon tub. They sell it in five gallon plastic containers
    too. Joey needs to like it! It is good for him and prevents hairballs!

  • Zeus & Phoebe's Cat Sanctuary

    That’s correct, coconut oil can be heated and is safe to eat afterwards.
    Coconut oil does not turn toxic when heated like all the other cooking oils
    do. Olive oil is only for room temperature use on foods or salads – no

  • back2nature4life

    This man is correct , i use raw organic coconut oil on my hair, skin and i
    also oil pull with it. When i had a tooth ache it took the infection out
    within 3 days, now i use it everyday and night. For more info on oil
    pulling, google, oil pulling.org, it is wonderful.

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