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  • RachelAvalon

    Do a little more research. A range of people from yogis and monks, to prisoners or protestors have gone much longer than 5 weeks without food.

    The point isn’t to prove how long someone can go without food anyway. It’s illustrating how crucial water is. Thanks.

    Shine on!

  • bauer024

    Rachel thanks for doing these videos i just found you tonight i am working hard in 2008 to lose weight if not i wont see 2009 i know what i need to do i just don’t know how to do it right.

    thanks again

  • RachelAvalon

    That’s a VERY common challenge. Strategies are key.
    For instance, if you’re eating something like chips or crackers put the desired amount in a bowl rather than eating from the bag. You’ll eat less that way. Also create a habit of eating away from the TV, even if you just start with 3 nights a week. You can do it! Maybe I’ll make a video with more ideas. 🙂

    Shine on!
    Rachel Avalon

  • marionhammer

    Hiya Rachel, great broadcast! Just one thing, I believe the thesis on the drinking of coffee as being dehydrating and thus needing to be balanced out by additional drinking of water is obsolete. It was retracted in the scientific community I believe last year and published in the international press. Love, Marion, Germany

  • RachelAvalon

    I’m curious to know who funded the research and how it was conducted. The bit I’ve read on it doesn’t seem that conclusive. Since coffee’s a diuretic and it’s acidic I don’t know how it could not have a dehydrating affect (if not short-term than long-term), especially when sugar or dairy’s added.

    No matter what, it’s still important to consider that a huge amount of coffee is grown with pesticides and such and that it influences hormones, heart rhythm, bone/mineral health, etc.

    Shine on!

  • marionhammer

    Hmm. I don’t know who conducted either research, the earlier one (saying that coffee’s a diuretic), nor the one I mentioned (saying it was a scientific mistake).

    Why do you say would sugar or dairy have a dehydrating effect – I’ve never heard about that?

  • marionhammer

    I love coffee too much to want to give it up, so I was really happy upon reading said news I mentioned. I buy coffee always from organic farming and fair trade also! I’ve been buying ALL my food and other stuff from organic and often fair traded sources ever since over 15 years.
    Anyway, please don’t get the impression I’m trying to argue with you or such – I really appreciate your presence on youtube and look forawrd to every new broadcast you create!!
    Please keep it up!

  • marionhammer

    Oh, I just did an online search for it and found out it was apparently one Professor Lawrence Armstrong, who revised the thesis – there is an article on commodityonlinedotcom (just paste his name into their search button).

  • DrJeanine

    Hi Rachel~

    I’ve decided to be super deliberate about my water consumption. It really makes a huge difference. Thank you for this!

    Blessings to You!
    Dr. Jeanine

  • Dojan5

    I think I said this before, anyhow, I’ll say it again; You rock Rachel!
    It is true that water help you lose weight, water helps the metabolism, which in turn help you loose weight. All this water that we love!

  • RachelAvalon

    Why, thank you.
    Proper hydration helps curb cravings towards unhealthy food and overeating in general. As a result, most people reduce their caloric intake, lose weight (if that’s their focus), and maintain an optimal weight range.
    P.S. Remember to support reusable containers and recycle any plastic bottles used.
    Shine on!
    Rachel Avalon

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