Weight Loss – The benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle change When purchasing coconut oil, look for unrefined, organic, virgin types. When i found mine, it was not located next to regular vegetable oil so ask an employee or look in the health section. To read all the benefits, simply google ‘Coconut oil benefits’

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    12 thoughts on “Weight Loss – The benefits of Coconut Oil

    • hawaii8087

      Thats a shame!

      Well i tried it on my skin and hair last night. Since it is solid, i scooped some out and put it next to my heater for 30seconds and it became liquid. At first i thought i would need more to put all over my skin and my long hair but a little goes a long way.

      I suggest to use it at night and shower off in the morning. A lot of moisturizers will make me break out very quickly but this morning my face felt great. However, too much can be applied so start small.

    • hawaii8087

      I put too much in my hair even tho i tried to use just a little so i suggest using it like you would a hot oil treatment – leave it in and wash it out. Otherwise, your hair will look oily.
      But overall i like it. I will continue to use it on my face at night instead of my moisturizer.
      (FYI: i have very sensitive skin so if it works well for me without irritation, there’s a good chance it won’t irritate your skin either.)

    • hawaii8087

      Nutiva Brand was recommended to me and i found it on Amazon. I paid $10 for mine and it is only 14oz compared to the nutiva brand on Amazon at 54oz for about $25 – what a deal!

    • tfasusi

      Lovvee coconut oil! I recently learned about the health benefits as well and have started taking it internally. I cook some things with it and take a couple teaspoons of it a day. It is my facial and body moisturizer and I use it in my hair as well. I have verry dry flakey scalp and it has helped with that so much in the short time that ive been using it….Love it! I wish I would have learned about how great this oil is earlier….

    • Bonnie90505

      I love coconut oil for weigh loss as a benefit and also so many others as you mention, good job spreading the word

    • hotandfitbabe

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    • apachejunction1

      cause they also eat tons of spam ! lol I do believe they consume tons of sugar and fruit which is high in sugars .

    • depenaproductions

      True hawaiians do have a lot of spam but also they have a lot of sugary sauces that they use on many dishes. Tastes great and they are happier heavier people.

    • nirvgardengod

      i just started using that brand. ill give it a year of regular use and im sure it will make a big difference.

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