24 thoughts on “WEN Hair Care Product Review

  • finaldestinationkish

    hey do you use oil on your scalp at all when you do your hair? ( i use spray oil and i use it because I have dandruff and sometimes the shampoo isn’t enough) if you do usually do that does this work to take away the need? for it?

  • blkimble

    I’ve used wen, didn’t really notice much of a difference in my hair. I no longer use it. But, the issue I had with wen was them stealing money out of my account. They would constantly send me things I didn’t order and just take my money from my account. I’ve had to go to the bank to fill out? affidavits, etc… I also had to contact the California Attorney Generals office and file a complaint against them. It was a nightmare. Each time I checked my account, wen had dipped their hands in it.

  • Akentha Carter

    I am sorry to hear of your ordeal.. I actually worked there up until July.. Guthy Renker to be exact. You have understand to program. We had plenty of customers that were upset bc of lack of knowledge of the program. I understand it is bad for business. But in the future if u decide to try again It is a replenishment program. U can? customize the products specifically u want, and say when you want your shipments to come out which controls your payments. u can also cancel and restart at any time.

  • jamesgirl37

    Is this a new channel I’m confused didn’t know you were? still making vids YouTube constantly unwitting me to people .

  • Chase Samuel

    natural may be harder for her to achieve noticable results. how she lets relaxers fade out through in between touch ups only gives her more thickness. she should keep them up to par. would look sleeker if she was just did, imo. wen does not? improve much. it is easier on hair, but you constantly re-up, it’s rather expensive. just a better choice of shampooing. i think her-highlights look natural compared to a blonde colour.

  • Babysarahvaj

    does it only work if you use it when you shower ? what if i go a day or weeks without using wen? and using some other shampoo will it still be silky and smooth looking ? or do you have to use it to make your hair soft ?

  • mom2kidsful

    Your really pretty and your hair is amazing! I am always so impressed? with woman with thick coarse hair that still manage to make it so beautiful and manageable without weave and harsh chemicals. I know it’s a little more work but it so pays off! Your gorgeous! Hair and all!!

  • Mulatto4Metal

    I’m looking for something that really works for fragile hair, or hair that gets easily damaged; I’ve cut my hair five times in less than a year because it kept getting damaged somehow. I only use organic products (I’ve been on this? organic-only trip for sometime) which is one of the things I like about Wen and I really want to give it a try since most shampoos don’t work for me, but I don’t wanna pay that type of price for it if it’s not gonna make the difference that it claims it does.

  • matc2

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  • Remi Bowman

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  • survivingbeauty2

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  • Sachiko Yoshida

    I have color? treated hair that had gotten very dry and brittle.Even my hairdresser commented on how damaged it was I didn’t even know about ** arganrain shampoo** but was in a store that sold the product and I read the description on the bottle and decided to try it.The hair care products I was using were expensive and also designed to be moisturizing, but just one use of arganrain shampoo made my hair, soft and manageable. After 2 weeks of use I know I will never buy anything else! -*

  • visitor903

    did you use normal hair? dye for your highlights because i have natural jet black hair also and i want to get highlights

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