What can you do with coconut water?

I bought a coconut to pull apart, and toast the flesh for a new dessert I am trying.

But I am wondering, can anything tasty be made from the water drained from the coconut?

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    One thought on “What can you do with coconut water?

    • powpow

      In my country we use it as a water in some dishis.. or dessert.

      Here one of it.
      One whole chicken, cut as you like. mix in a pan with, 1 whole coconut water, half or one fresh coconut(rasp it),bayleaf, finely chooped (garlic, ginger), chooped scallion, salt n little sugar. If you have some lemon grass n galangal… just smash it.. and add into. combine throughly, cover it… n slow cook until the water run out.

      Tips.. use fresh coconut that not too old.

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