What is Coconut Milk? / How to make Coconut Milk Pancakes

In today’s What’s This Food?!, Daniel Delaney explores rich, fatty, creamy coconut milk. He goes over the history, how it’s made, and what to do with it. Then Dan whips up coconut milk pancakes, a Javanese classic! Today’s sponsor is stonehouse27.com —- What’s This Food?! (WTF?!) is a daily cooking show, with a new episode posted every day of 2011. Learn more at http Facebook – danieldelaney.com Twitter – twitter.com Email Newsletter – eepurl.com

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    20 thoughts on “What is Coconut Milk? / How to make Coconut Milk Pancakes

    • sillysnowflake

      ahhh, @danieldelaney. You, me, a couple of fresh young coconuts and a double hammock between two palm trees on the beach. Meet me in Kuala Lumpur next week? 😉

      Oh btw, young coconut water is actually so amazing and healthy… it’s seriously the elixir of life. So much fun scraping out the soft flesh when? you’re done drinking, too!

    • tokyoxjapanxfan

      Love coconut flavored things. These looks? awesome! Thanks! Bet it would be good with some flaked coconut on top 🙂

    • tokyoxjapanxfan

      @koreanangel149? had to look up what latik is, but you’re right!! i’ve never had it but it looks good!

    • BarbecueTricks

      never knew? there were 2 types of coconut milk… might be cool to try in a BBQ sauce as a secret ingredient… thanks for the spark of an idea!

    • thePowerPlant

      Coconut milk is great. I will use in a sort of Caribbean Rice thing I make. Bell Peppers, Scotch Bonnets, Garlic, Spring Onion and Celery and sauted in butter, add some long grain rice and toast, add coconut milk and water, simmer, add some firm fish and spiny lobster (when I can find it) and maybe some shellfish, cover for a few minutes, garnish with cilantro and lime wedges, and devour! Its? pretty great stuff. I usually make some flat breads to go with it and mango salsa!!!

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