What is Oil Pulling? Natural Body Detox and How To Whiten & Clean Teeth Naturally!

Try this 100% organic inexpensive total body detox to feel like a brand new woman! This will get rid of all the bad toxins in your body that block all the go…

25 thoughts on “What is Oil Pulling? Natural Body Detox and How To Whiten & Clean Teeth Naturally!

  • ajitkush

    Thank you for? your tips but somewhere in starting of the video you said “Olive oil”. Please find out and correct if possible.

  • Sue Marloy

    I just found out about oil pulling today and I think is? very interesting and I want to try it. Do I do it in the morning when I get up before brushing my teeth or after I brush. Thanks, Sue

  • Katina Olivas

    You definitely want to swish the oil around your mouth for atleast twenty minutes or more not less! Oil pulling is most effective before bed and first thing in the morning, before you eat, dont brush your teeth. DONT swallow as the oil is now toxic. Rinse your mouth with warm plain water or salt water. Also, do not use baking soda every day! It is very abrasive? and rubs away the enamel.

  • Natassia Millington

    i found the big? box(bigger than the one in the vid) in the poundland shop surprisinly.

  • Sherry Slatosky

    It is called an IONIC FOOTBATH.. I use to have one and it worked great!!!!! I made it 2 minutes and gagged with olive oil.. either I am very toxic? or olive oil is not good for me.. I am going to try the coconut oil today.. there is a website I got it from called: Health and med.com

  • delta05

    I Love cold pressed coconut oil? so Much..I use it to cook with, use it on my skin. and eat it also..It is a miracle food indeed!..Im 62 and have No wrinkles either..

  • Orla Mc Guinness

    im useless, i cant keep water in my mouth for more than 2 mins? it would make me heave..

  • Catgotthecrow

    Arm and Hammer baking soda does not contain aluminum; that’s a hoax. You can call the company and ask. ?

  • DIJV79

    Epsom salt, they sell it every where in the U.S, you can get it? for like 99 cents a bag.

  • cstraussify

    There are reports of coconut? oil raising cholesterol levels. Sesame seed oil, or sunflower oil are preferred.

  • allberto2

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  • vieauparadis1

    I’ve been looking into oil pulling does it give any bad detox affects at first? I’m just scared about? that. I do however consume coconut oil in smoothies and use it for cosmetic purposes. It’s great stuff. For anyone who wants to get coconut oil online checkout iHerb and use the coupon code KVK250

  • littlegraycat

    Oil pulling can reduce bacterial growth in between your? gums, because when applied topically it coats bacteria, killing them. However, it is not a full body detox- that’s nonsense. Salivary amylase simply emulsifies the oil in your mouth. Likewise the claim of removing toxins via foot baths is a proven scam. When the water from these sessions is actually tested, the only thing inside it is iron rust. lt happens regardless of whether a person’s feet are placed inside the tub.

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