What is the difference between regular coconut oil and extra virgin coconut oil for your hair?

I was told to leave in some coconut oil for a few minutes everyday before getting into the shower to rinse it off. I just want to know what’s the difference between regular and extra virgin coconut oil and which one would be more beneficial for my hair.

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    • Joss

      By "regular" I’m assuming you mean "pure." Pure is the lowest quality of oil you can buy and is usually a combination of processed oil and virgin oil. Extra virgin is the highest quality. I’ve used both organic extra virgin coconut oil and pure coconut oil and I know there is a difference. Extra virgin is more moisturizing than the pure and it works better on my hair and skin. You can also consume extra virgin coconut oil because it has health effects. Organic just means that there weren’t any harmful chemicals or pesticides used on the coconuts.

      If you want the best kind, get extra virgin coconut oil. If you can, get a bottle that’s cold-pressed and you’ll be in heaven.

    • ctcoconut

      We often get to hear about extra virgin coconut oil. What is this extra virgin coconut oil? How is the extra virgin coconut oil different from virgin coconut oil?
      As a result manufacturers make their own definitions to sell their products. Virgin coconut oil is normally referred to coconut oil that is prepared using mechanical means without the addition of any chemicals.

      According to the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community, which has provided APCC Standards for Virgin Coconut Oil, “virgin coconut oil is obtained from the fresh and mature kernel of coconut by mechanical or natural means with or without the application of heat, which does not lead to alteration of the oil”. When one refers to coconut oil as extra virgin coconut oil, the word ‘extra’ implies that is the oil that comes from the first press and as second and third presses are applied, the Virgin COconut Oil is collected. There is “no” chemical or physical differences between extra virgin and virgin coconut oil. To learn more about the differences of coconut oil and their properties and uses go to our FAQs http://www.ctcoconut.com/resources.html.

      Anu questions regarding this topic please let us know.

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