What Oil Is the Best to Cook With?

www.mercola.com Internationally renowned natural health physician and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola explains why he recommends coconut oil, olive oil and raw butter when cooking.

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    8 thoughts on “What Oil Is the Best to Cook With?

    • kare4266

      I know that coconut oil is not good for “B” blood types. What about Macadamia Oil, it also has a very high heating threshold? Does anyone know what would be better rice bran oil, olive oil or macadamia oil?

    • mpg83

      Dr. Mercola,
      Thank you for all your hard work. The information you share on all topics is a breath of fresh air.

    • caemgen51

      Some brands of coconut oil are better than others. Dr. Mercola recommends “Fresh Shores Coconut Oil” but there are other good ones too. Some of the others I think would be good are “Tropical Traditions”, “Jungle Brand” and “Nutivia”. All these seem to get there oil from traditional coconut groves and use only fresh coconuts.

    • phillyfunnyguy

      Most people are cooking with olive oil, then eating burnt oil thinking it is healthy. I am afraid not. Now if we are talking olive oil on a teaspoon, or on a salad, then I say fabulous.

      Ancient Chinese secret, Peanut oil. You can heat your pan way over 400deg, or even fry with it. I would rather have an oil that has a high flash point then eating carcinogens. Peanut oil is also very good for your heart, it has an ingredient in it.

    • emouch1

      olive oil is the best. We use it in mediteranian diet, we use it on everything, from frying to dressing, look at the hear rate mortalities in the mediteranian countries. lowest in the world along with japan

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