What’s with the sudden rage for coconut oil? Do you use it?

I know people who are taking it, some friend of mine has a book that claims it has all kinds of health benefits. Do you use coconut oil and, if so, what benefits have you seen from it?

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    One thought on “What’s with the sudden rage for coconut oil? Do you use it?

    • oldtimekid2

      With supplements, there’s always going to be a fad product that comes on the market and seems huge for a short time. Coconut Oil has a lot of benefits especially for energy and cooking (a better alternative than other cooking oils, mostly), plus it can help a little for skin health (moisturizing and whatnot, but usually when used externally).
      I know there are some that say it’s unhealthy because it’s mostly saturated fat, but it’s a good saturated fat that’s made up primarily of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that your body metabolizes quickly for energy. Unfortunately, too many people today just look at the surface information and don’t look at the details when it comes to things like this… similar to how people just saw "fat" on a label back in the 90s and avoided it (which made a lot of people on the fat-free diets very sick/unhealthy). The MCTs are very healthy and beneficial, which is why it’s so popular.

      Personally, I haven’t seen Coconut Oil as being as big of a fad as other products (mostly because you don’t see as much spam about it than you see with other products), but it has jumped up in popularity more recently. It’s been a while since I’ve used Coconut Oil, but energy is the main impact from it. I hope I helped!

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