Where can I buy palm oil, coconut oil, or palm kernel oil?

The Save-on-Foods closest to my house carries Dulhan brand coconut oil 500 mL and it is quite hard and almost waxy/flaky. I believe it may be hydrogenated. What I would like to know is where I can purchase a larger quantity of this (maybe a few liters), preferably in a store, but if not, online. In other words, I don’t want the health industry’s extra virgin coconut oil; I want the coconut oil shortening. Also, where (again, preferably in a store) can I find palm and palm kernel oil? Thanks a bunch.

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    2 thoughts on “Where can I buy palm oil, coconut oil, or palm kernel oil?

    • Desi Chef

      Any Indian or Thai grocery store will carry all of these in larger quantites. Also, some brands of coconut oil do have the tendency to be hard and waxy when at room temp. Check the ingredients to see if it is hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated. When it hits the heat, it will melt.

      The "Dulhan" brand is definitely an Indian brand, it actually means "bride".

      You can do a Yahoo/Google search for non hydrogenated coconut oils:


    • ET

      Coconut oil turns into a solid, wax-like substance at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. If the melting point is different by a significant amount, it may have been hydrogenated.

      I get my coconut oil online at Wilderness Family Naturals. They have many sizes and grades available.

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