Whiten Your Teeth With Olive Oil – Oil Pulling

WhiteningTeethSecrets.com You can use extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil or organic sesame oil all to whiten your teeth and keep the teeth and enamel healthy and strong. This process removes toxins, oils, reduces bacteria and more. It’s very healthy for your teeth and make’s them more resistant to stains. I highly recommend you do oil pulling every once in a while! Please Favorite, Like, and comment on this video. David King

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    8 thoughts on “Whiten Your Teeth With Olive Oil – Oil Pulling

    • WhiteningTeethSecret

      @xXRawrItsIvyXx Don’t think so no… I’ve never heard of that oil… I recommend olive or coconut oil personally.

    • cuttinlemonz

      You don’t know what Bertolli oil is and you’re making a video suggesting olive oil pulling…
      Bertolli is a brand of olive oil

    • ancamg

      Oh, please how can you say coconut oil whitens your teeth because it is white in its solid state. That sounds like a innocent childish joke. Coconut is healthy, but that’s due to its short fatty acids and not its color when solid.On the other hand, oil pulling works mechanically, and maybe as a chemical cleanser. Nothing more, nothing less.

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