Who needs coconut oil?

sign up and register at www.hipapotheca.com Those who sign up for the mailing list are eligible for receiving a complimentary gift when they launch. No purchase is necessary. You just have to register for an account so they know where to send it. The brands they are launching with are (but are not limited to) John Masters Organics, MBeze, Julie Hewett, Coola, Egyptian Magic, Adara Virgin Coconut Oil, and Antipodes. Samples will be from these brands and will vary from person to person. They will be giving a freeeeee bottle of Adara along with other samples to anyone who registers and makes a purchase upon the launch. Adara Coconut Virgin Oil sells for a bottle. follow them on twitter: twitter.com like them on facebook: www.facebook.com

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    25 thoughts on “Who needs coconut oil?

    • CharminaeNicole

      Girl your summer glow is bangin!!! Make me wanna go get my Vitamin D on at the pool pronto!!! Ha!! You look lovely as always!! Peace Out!!! Oh, Thanks for the info!!!

    • MsAriella89

      @lulu13hb your welcome, yea I’m prettty sure I have at least one thumbs down on every video and some it’s just like…really tho? lol oh well

    • MsAriella89

      @luvpurple95 lol yes it’s free and yes it’s safe, I have direct contact with someone from the business

    • hipapotheca

      @luvpurple95 Hi! Do not fret– we are legitimate! When we launch, you will have to register with our site but only so we know where to send your discovery kit (samples from our brand offerings). :] As Ariella said, the bottle of Adara is complimentary with purchase.

    • inspirej4life

      You look so pretty in this video. Your hair is awesome you make me want to go natural..Almost:)

    • metr08

      First off, your hair is on point. (as is usually tends to be, LOL) But yea, I feel like $12 for 2 oz of coconut oil is expensive, even though its scented and what not. I plan on buying some just to try it out but depending on how long it lasts will be the determining factor of whether or not I repurchase it i guess. Lol

    • MsAriella89

      @metr08 thank you! lol yea i hear u, i thought the same at first, but if you look closely, the pink one is the only one i’ve been using and u can see how full it still is (and I’ve had them since late March) so they definitely last, depends on what you use it for I guess. I mostly use mine for my hair. So I wouldn’t mind paying that price, however, when the site launches just buy something else that you’re interested and feel makes more sense economically and get the oil for free

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