Why Virgin Coconut Oil is so good for your skin!

The beauty of INDAH is that it is filled with Pure Virgin Coconut Oil, cold pressed organically straight from the baby coconut kernel. The benefits of using Virgin Coconut is that it’s higher in quality and lauric acid, which is beneficial for repairing the skin from the effects of the elements – such as the sun. In modern society we’re constantly reminded to reduce our fat intake, but coconut oil is the healthiest dietary change you can make. It’s 57% Lauric Acid, which provides very valuable benefits for your insides—naturally, not man-made. And what you consume affects your outsides—let’s face it, your skin in the biggest organ you’ve got and it needs feeding, too! INDAH’s tropical body care is also filled with fruits, flowers, herbs and spices it’s packed with Virgin Coconut Oil. All fair traded and free from the nasty PALM OIL! INDAH supports the The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) which is a not for profit foundation working in conservation of orangutans and their ecosystem. INDAH is listed on their website as a ‘Palm Oil free’ advocate. The founder and creator – Teisha, swears by it, “The skin acts as a window by which we can see inside the body, what we see reflects on what is happening on the outside, so if you are severely sunburnt, your system is inflamed so you need strong anti-oxidants to fight off free radicals attacking your skin, this is where Virgin Coconut Oil can help repair that”.

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