Why you must include “Coconut Oil” in your survival kit.

Why you must include Coconut Oil as part of your camping, hiking, backpacking, survival kit. It is truly a Super Food which can do so much for you. Fire Starter, Food Source, Use as part of your personal hygiene eg brush your teeth with it, style your hair, use as chap stick, sun screen, lotion, lube your firearm in a pinch, oil your knife and of course cook with it. It has Lauric Acid which kills germs and bacteria and fungi.

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    2 thoughts on “Why you must include “Coconut Oil” in your survival kit.

    • blaquepatriot

      Good luck my friend. My situation is just the opposite. The ground is so saturated that you can see it running off of lawns. Wish I could send some of it thete*

    • hokulea96

      LOL…thanks for the offer…it is a shame…you guys are drowning in water…and we can’t get any water at all…ugh

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