Why you should be using coconut oil

DISCLAIMER: WE ARE NOT YOUR DOCTORS AND ARE NOT PRESCRIBING YOU. THIS IS JUST IN OUR OPINION. Coconut oil is like the fountain of youth! Something wrong with you? Bet you coconut oil can solve it. It can cure everything…..well except for that one thing. Visit www.tropicaltraditions.com

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    25 thoughts on “Why you should be using coconut oil

    • vvveuvie

      If you have melanin in your DNA, it’s a miracle food although all people have a bit and it’s benefits are great. That’s why it can cure diseases like aids, because it clears out all the toxins and allows your body to regenerate itself naturally. There would be no disease if we weren’t fed toxins and forced to breath them 24/7 which is very intentional to keep humanity down. Superfoods help you achieve your natural state of perfection which god intended.

    • OrganicBlood

      Hell yeah @vvveuvie, that was a good comment. Thank you for blessing us with the game.

    • OrganicBlood

      The oil is both solid and liquid. When it is at cooler temperatures it is solid but it doesnt take much heat to make it liquid.

    • marcus23332333

      what is better expeller pressed or cold pressed does it really matter i heard cold pressed is better for skincare so what do you recommed

    • OrganicBlood

      @Marcus the one I use is expeller pressed. I’m not sure which is really better though. When you find out come back and put us up on game.

    • OrganicBlood

      @249money thank you!! Feel free to spread the word. Don’t be stingy, share us with all the honors we don’t mind 🙂

    • DoMoreGoodDeeds

      AMAAZZZZZING Video!!! (love the shadow boxing)

      You guys are too cute…………and too COOL ;-}

      Thank you for sharing and caring… every life counts.

      Do More Good Deeds!

    • OrganicBlood

      Thank you DoMore! We very much appreciate the feedback and hope the videos are entertaining and informative. This guy is always shadowboxing, he’s a ninja in real life.

    • marcus23332333

      do you eat the coconut oil how many times a day Do u eat it and have you had a bad side effect from eating it p.s FUCK A 9 TO 5 I LOVE THAT SONG

    • OrganicBlood

      We do eat it. But this is a personal preference. It tastes really good. Personally speaking, I have not experienced a bad side effect.

      Glad you dig our song! And thanks for the info on the cold press.

    • nospam2012

      @vvveuvie lol if your trying to claim that coconut oil can cure aids then you better be prepared to prove it, nothing can cure it otherwise people would be eating them big time

    • vvveuvie

      @nospam2012 It’s all about detoxing your system so that your lymphatic system where white blood cells are produced can actually do their work and fight off any infection. All doctors that are not under mind control know this, all well as the elite who run this joint, and poison us daily intentionally via toxins in food, air, and radiation from cell phone towers, etc., the list goes on. Many of these diseases are man made to keep popluation control. Many ways to cure yourself.

    • MediaHoax

      My eczema is almost gone after using virgin coconut oil for 4 weeks.
      (Olive oil and other oils did nothing, only making it itch more after a few hours)
      I eat it and put it on the skinn. I also bake in it.

      Best tip to get in this crazy world.
      I watched this video only to find out more about it.
      Thanks for the good video.

    • OrganicBlood

      Wow that is so dope to hear. I’m happy for you!! Its such a good feeling to cure things naturally and have it actually work. It gives hope for other things. Thanks for sharing your testimony with us.

    • Junior1luv

      Yo,I`m loving how we as the human race is waking up
      and being more conscious about what we consume.
      This stuffis really raising me endorfine level.

      Try this Yall when your stressed out : Use an essential
      oil of your choice put a few drops on shower base of
      tub and take shower as you always do.The scent will
      boost your day peoples.Holla

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