Why You Should Use COCONUT OIL – 9 Benefits For Skin, Body And Soul

FromCookedFoodsToRaw.com If you want to make healthy use of coconut oil in a natural way, I give you 9 ways of using this special oil inside and outside your body to become more healthy and vibrant. Coconut oil has so many health benefits, that I don´t even really know where I should get started. One thing is for sure: You can make healthy uses of coconut oil and can forget about all the other stuff. Coconut just does fine! Website: TheSundanceFamily.com Youtube www.youtube.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Get instant access to 5 free, nutrition-packed, easy to make raw food recipes. welcome.therawfoodfamily.com Give your kids something healthy to eat and yourself a life outside the kitchen as well! Download them now at welcome.therawfoodfamily.com

18 thoughts on “Why You Should Use COCONUT OIL – 9 Benefits For Skin, Body And Soul

  • kharyzma4u

    i couldnt agree with you more…i use coconut oil for my hair, skin and nails. i drink coconut water as well. i dont use any lotions or chemicals (as far as i know)? on my body. coconut oil is the best!!!

  • Patrick powershredder

    I need to? find the best store here in Stuttgart to pick up Coconut oil.!! thank you for the advice. Take care

  • Effin Koshka

    I have been using coconut oil for a bit? more than a year and I have not gone back since I also like hemp oil or flaxseed oil all are super healthy and natural!

  • seekingthequestion

    thanks for this video. I was wondering if you think coconut oil is the -best- oil for oil pulling? I’ve? heard sesame is up there.

  • David Blair

    Muchas? gracias for the advice Ka. I will try and buy some in Quepos or Manuel Antonio. ¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Pura Vida!

  • Elizabeth Zanker

    So so true – nutrients are? also absorbed through the skin from the oil…I use it for everything…cooking, beauty, blessings to you and you amazing family!

  • julia michael

    Thank you so much for sharing…Amazing View…btw
    I have been using Organic Cold Pressed Coconut oil for almost a year now & i use everything.i can not live without it..Much? love.

  • MultiNaturals

    i just started using it to clean my face(Oil Cleansing Method)mixed with castor oil my face? is glowing no more blemishes plus no more dryness that soap causes


    Great video, I love coconut water, jelly and oil and do feel it has great benefits? for the body. Thanks for sharing

  • Amazonraw52

    I? tried Belplane was Cesamet well but it tasted horrible I’ll definitely try again with coconut oil thanks for the idea

  • Amazonraw52

    Excuse that last comment, was not watching my typing! I tried oil pulling with sesame oil and thought it tasted terrible! Will try again with the coconut oil- I’m sure it? will taste much better. Thanks!

  • NOneLikeCharice

    Sesame is best as i heard. But I am doing OP with sunflower oil. It gives me best result compared to all the oil! also its thickness allows it to stay in the mouth only , not entering the? throat. easiest to OP. try it may be?

  • NOneLikeCharice

    I make a recipe from coconut which is called CHUTNEY. ground coconut meat with? other ingredients like- garlic, cilantro, tomato , ginger, pepper, salt, etc . they taste too good. I ate the sauce with cucumber usually.

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