Would it be okay REVISED, please please answer.?

If I used an all natural flea & tick neem shampoo, made for dogs, on my cats? The flea shampoo that was actually for cats said right after the directions that it was harmful for domestic animals & I didn’t think that sounded too good. I just saw great reviews from websites about all the products. This is what it contains: Water, Azadirachta Indica(neem), Pine, Orange, Sesame & a mild coconut cleanser.

The revised part. I looked up all the ingredients online to see if they were harmful to cats & from what I got, none of what I listed was, unless someone else can find something different. Don’t worry I didn’t use it yet. Would someone have any suggestion, would just giving them a bath help with some sort of soap, suggestions are needed, I feel bad, too late to buy anything now & they’re getting fixed tomorrow, so I’d like to do something.
As for killing the fleas in the home, these cats are staying in my bedroom, they were strays & I’m taking them to the no-kill shelter I work in on Sunday after being fixed. I’m not trying to KILL them, but relieve them until I can discuss what product to use on them, especially the male because I gave him Hartz 2 days ago & literally scrubbed it off of him after reading about how lethal it can be. I already have a Flea Spray from the Vets office that I got when I had a kitten who had fleas stampeding my home, works like a charm :).

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    • freckles

      you should be okay to use the product. keep out of eyes and ears, and make sure the pet is WELL rinsed. usually could cause harm is directed towards those who don’t use the product correctly, or over-use it.

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