Young Coconut Super Powers To Save The World For most of us coconut water is just a tropical drink that claims to be a good source of nutrition. It has been known as the best fluid to rehydrate the body. Coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage. When the coconut ripens the water hardens forming a white flesh of the coconut. The brown and hairy coconuts at the grocery stores are the mature coconuts. The green water coconuts are immature ones. The immature coconuts contain minerals and other nutritional factors that are high in concentration. In this article we will cover the immature, green coconut water nutritional facts. Coconut Water Benefits The water of the young coconuts is one of the purest form of waters. It contains no cholesterol and has more electrolytes than any fruit or vegetable. It is sweet, tasty, full of salts and vitamins, which are very important for the body. It also contains trace amounts of copper, phosphorous and sulfur, thus, making it an excellent source of water to help correct electrolyte imbalance. The vitamin C content of the water is enough to meet the daily requirements of the body. It is fat-free, low in carbohydrates and calories. The coconut water nutrition factor also shows that it contains niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, riboflavin, folic acid and thiamin of the Vitamin B group. Coconut water helps maintain the body temperature at a proper level, natural fluid levels and helps carry vital nutrients and oxygen to different cells and parts of the body

22 thoughts on “Young Coconut Super Powers To Save The World

  • balgran

    Best message ever ! Organic, local,? raw food ! A new world. Changing health and changing minds. Good for you.

  • pookiroo

    thanks ka. i had two coconuts in my fridge for a couple of days. i am glad i saw your video this morning b/c now i am drinking my fresh coconut juice. i need to stop my “anorexia” mentality… ?

  • paulgem123

    coconuts rock! I don’t think they will change the world, but? eating healthier is always a good thing.

  • FotoAkademijaVideo

    I love your msg!!! Peace to all the brothers? and sisters and to our beautifull mother planet :)))

  • SuperVt100

    it is interesting that the young,? not fully ripe coconut produce more water …

  • Kaulanahina kaulana

    You and your family is AWESOME! ? Thank you for your positive vibe! I love your Videos! Aloha to you 🙂

  • Nhordmyr

    I agree with everything you say, just be careful of pestizides and that you get actual organic food. I feel everything you say because I started this transformation a few weeks/months ago and this purity is just overwhelming. “My” part is it just to get out? of? my stressful environment in a more calm and harmonic one – I hope yours is beneficial to you aswell!

    Much from the heart

    And at the video: I say we cant heal our planet, it heals itself – we have to heal ourselves (first).

  • BytomGirl

    I just had an amazing salad of mesclun, dandelion, radicchio, arugula. kale, little tomatoes, beets, avocado, onion, cucumber and sunflower was so good… I don;t eat all raw, some foods I eat are cooked like quinoa, lentils, beans, spinach (to get rid of oxalic acid), purple and sweet potatoes, buckwheat and fish but large portion of my diet is raw and I think this diet i’s pretty healthy too…I would be lacking some foods on all raw diet.? I add sometimes cocnut flakes to my salads

  • PiPphiltitley

    your little ladies laughter has given me the 1st smile of the day >_< HAPPY DAYS!

    true amazing plant in all forms. NATURAL foods are the way forward not? big pharma

    peace n love all

    stay safe pip

  • tuluminous

    Please know I was not attacking you. I didn’t realize the trees are so prolific. I live where coconuts do not grow, so the notion of tapping the fruit for water only is a challenging concept. Maybe consider offering RawFoodFamily brand coconut products!? I’m wild about the condiment “coconut aminos” made of aged coconut sap and sea salt. I think it tastes great on everything. I’ve also heard of? but never tasted “coconut pickles”–unfortunately these might require killing trees.

  • tuluminous

    See the youtube video? “Burning Bananas” by nottinghamscience
    I also replied one day ago. Veganism is not strictly a “New Age” experiment: There is an extant 5000 year old vegan tribe? which literally hugs trees! It can be found via archive(dot)org “A secret the Himalayas hold” by Murli Menon

    (excerpt) “…Being nature worshippers, they celebrate the Bononah (nature) festival and are strict vegans, which means they are not only strictly vegetarian but also don’t consume milk or milk products.”

  • BestFoodBestSelf

    Yes! I will be planting 1000s of fig trees around the United States with the help of others.? The fig could be the banana of the United States.

  • KnowForeverEvolving

    This coconut is powerful. It does? wonders for my body especially eating the inside. I love those coconuts. Speak the truth and the taste is gratifying.


    Your children looks so much like you and they look so healthy. You are 100% accurate about coconut. I was in st lucia for 4 months and had? coconut jelly and water everday. What a super food. Great video thanks for sharing

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